Favor, Blessings, Increase.

Women In Need of Deliverance

Evangelist Josie Lindsey

        FOUNDER & CEO

This ministry was birthed through the pain of divorce, loss, rejection, depression and even the spirit of suicide.  Through all of the pain and darkness, God said to me to trust him and to keep praising Him.  I watched as God worked miracles in my life which helped me grow in my relationship with Him.  I got to know God in an intimate way. 

He then told me to begin to share my pain, which was difficult for me since I liked privacy.  But as I did he healed all my hurt.  So I can say like the psalmist

                         I went through the storm and the rain
                           But I made it.  Had my share of pain
                                   God did not fail me I made it
                     Sometimes I had to stand alone but I made it

 In sharing, I found there are many women who are going through or have gone through much pain from childhood and adult traumas such as rape, molestation, abuse, rejection, low

self-esteem etc.  Thus God birthed W-I-N-D ministries in me.  I have watched him move in so many women’s lives these past 20 years to restore them and to use them to restore others. 

​                                   TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  • Heather Headley | Here i Am to worship [HQ WOW Gospel 2010]4:44


Cheryl January

W-I-N-D Coordinator