• Track 126:19

I'll Stand Still

Tracy Hill

Giving You All My Problems To Work Out

Cynthia Jackson

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Pastor E.B.Lindsey

  • Track 144:17

He'll Welcome Me

Lee Galloway

  • Track 47:22

This Morning When I Rose

Dorothy Crosson

  • Track 66:12

  • Track 78:17

Joy Unspeakable Joy

Children's Choir

Starlight Choirs  - Gold Selection

  • Track 132:53

Favor, Blessings, Increase.

  • Track 27:15

Anointing Fall On Me

Pastor E.B.Lindsey

  • Track 86:05

I Don't Worry

Brian Lindsey

I Thank you Lord

Marie Sanders

My Life is In Your Hand

Starlight Women's Chorus

Sing When The Spirit Say's Sing

Starlight Children's Choir

Pastor Ernest B.Lindsey

  • Track 15:34

  • Track 114:40

  • Track 104:25