Starlight Church of God in Christ

Pearls Of Wisdom
By:  Evangelist Josie Lindsey
Title: Listen
Scripture: Hebrews 2:1-4

Paul here warns us of the dangers of drifting.  The Christian Jews were probably undergoing fierce persecution, both from Jews and Romans.  This was written about 70 AD.    In this chapter, he says it’s crucial that we keep a firm grip on what we have heard so that we don’t drift off.  Understand that testing will bring out true commitment, bring out where you live.

Here Paul presents who Jesus really is.  He said God did not put this great salvation in the hands of angels but his Son, Jesus who is Greater.   So Paul says in Hebrews 2:1 Listen, pay attention – focus, obey the greater Christ.  Pay the most earnest (serious, or intense) heed or attention to what you have heard lest at any time you let it slip.  He is saying hold on to your faith.

Don’t be careless with God’s word.  If you let it slip, it can cost you your life.  Listen to the Word, pay attention to the Word and obey the Word.  Many folk are lost in the church. 

The word picture for slip is:

1. Ship tied to dock, rope slips and ship goes aimlessly out to sea in the night
2. Jar of water and in the bottom is a tiny hole and water is slowly leaking out
3. Ring that’s too big but kept wearing and one day looked and the ring was gone

What are the tale tell signs of your relationship with Christ is slipping away; you lose your appetite for worship, lost joy, grumbling, complaining, finding fault, no prayer life, no desire to study the Word of God and lose need to fellowship with the saints. 

Don’t be like the ship in the night and let your joy in the Holy Ghost slip away.  Pay attention to what is being said in the Word by studying the Word.  Some of the ships don’t belong anyway.  And you can’t drink every kind of water and you certainly can’t drink spilled water. The ring represents ownership, if you lose your ring, you lose your rights as an heir.  If it slips away you are lost and it is not always easy to get back.    If you are engaged to Jesus…take an inventory

         - Where is your ship?
         - How much water is in your jar?
         - Where is your engagement ring?

Listen to what the Word says!  Listen and Remember who Jesus is… Never forget Jesus is the Son of God, He created the universe, He died for our sins because He loved us and is the atoning savior for mankind.  He is our great High Priest, He is worthy of our Praise and is Alpha and Omega.  He is our Eternal One!