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Minister Robert Robinson



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Brotherhood Rehearsal

​Every 5th Wednesday

​7:00 PM

Favor, Blessings, Increase.

The Starlight Brotherhood is a movement of men following Jesus Christ and living the way of true Christian brotherhood. Our aim is to approach as near as possible the life of the Apostles and of the early church, so that in the whole brotherhood we are of one heart and one soul. 

The Starlight Brotherhood is built upon love for our brothers and sisters of like precious faith and finding common ground by returning to the simple teachings of Jesus Christ, always building up the body of Christ and never tearing it down.  This is not a worldly ecumenism where the truth of Christ is bartered or compromised; true Christian brotherhood is a unity of spirit and truth in the Lord.

In the Brotherhood, there are no leaders or followers, only servants of God and of each other (Mark 9:35).  Each one of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  All of us have an equal share and ministry in the mission of the Brotherhood and the apostolic work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Starlight Brotherhood offers a haven for those who cannot find a church and for those who wish to become a holy leaven and build real Christian brotherhood in their local community.

Starlight Brotherhood members come from all walks of life but all share one common ground and that is our Love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

It is our divine motivation of this ministry to promote,encourage,and spiritually strenghten men and young men of Christ through the leadership of God Almighty, the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ, and the Power of the Holy Ghost.