Favor, Blessings, Increase.

 Starlight Mission Statement

About Us

To unify a diverse group of people for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God through ministering to the total person: body, soul and spirit.

​We were members of Maurice Chapel Church of God in Christ, 307 John Street. Elder Maurice Compton was founder of Maurice Chapel. When he passed away, Elder Hardy Boswell became Pastor around 1949. During this time Mother Libby Smith had a dream about a stream of water flowing there where souls were out on 16th Street.

During the course of time, crisis came, and through the leadership of Bishop R.E. Woodard, we were instructed to leave Maurice Chapel in February 1956. We began having prayer and Sunday School from house to house. We grew so, that we were unable to continue house services on Sunday mornings, and we decided to move under Deacon and Mother Libby Smith's pecan tree, and there we held Sunday Services, because of the large group of children. Mother Smith and Mother Catherine came over many Sunday's to preach and we continued our weekly prayer meetings from house to house.

On one Wednesday night at Sister L. Beiavenue's house, Elder Woodard came over and was teaching from Psalms 40... on how to wait patiently on the Lord, and said that the Lord had a great blessing for us. Bishop Woodard had a dream that we would be on the other side of the track.

On Sunday morning, Elder L.A. Compton asked to be our Pastor and everyone agreed on that very same Sunday. Deacons Beiavenue, Smith, Turner and Elder Compton went on the other side of the track to talk to Mr. Grant about a piece of land for the church to lease on 15th and Barkins Street. The Lord blessed us to build a little church and to stay there until Elder Compton was led by God to buy a piece of land on Sabine. The property was bought from Mr. Solomon Johnson and God blessed the fellowship until it grew, and many people were blessed, saved and healed. Cancer was healed, people got up out of wheel chairs, and blind eyes were opened. Later, we had to enlarge the building.

On March 31, 1987, Elder Compton went home to be with the Lord. Starlight went five months without a Pastor, but God held us together.

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